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Microsoft Exchange Setup

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Hi. I'm a bit clueless in this area and hence why I am asking.


I recently purchased a new IPhone and am looking for email 'push' technology.


My current situation:

1) IPhone asks if you have an Exchange server in order push emails up to your phone.

2) My prior phone, a Treo asked for Exchange as well.

3) I don't have Exchange set up (although I do have access to set it up locally, I don't know how as I've never done it.)

4) I currently use Total Choice Hosting and read my mail in Outlook using POP to connect to my mail addresses.

5) I have the IPhone now set up through POP to retrieve (they call it 'fetch') emails on an interval basis or by manually hitting refresh. the automatic 'fetch' times aren't the best.


My question:

How do I enable 'push' technology with TCH and have the emails received update automatically.





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Thanks Bruce for the quick reply.


I was trying to compare Imap with POP earlier and got even more confused as I searched the web.


1) Is IMAP a better protocol then POP?

2) Do you prefer Outlook to read IMAP versus POP?

3) Is the setup similar and if so, what if anything changes?

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Hey thanks for that information - it's consolidated and very handy. It looks like the days of POP are limited (although that article was written back in 05)...

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Wow, okay so far I love IMAP. Thank you.


So I've only one problem now lol. When I go to delete an email, instead of Outlook dumping the deleted item into the 'Deleted Items' folder, it just puts a strikethrough it. How do I officially delete the files for Outlook tidyness or am I stuck only to be able to delete items from webmail?


Thanks again.

NOTE: I actually found the answer to this by simple Googling. The answer is here: h_tp://www.ideanode.com/supportdocs/16/how-to-delete-imap-messages-in-outlook

Forgive me for asking, it's been a 12 hour long day troubleshooting two routers and it just hit 2:45 am. I'm off to bed...

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Hmmm. Well, wishful thinking for a 'better' protocol...


There's a few things it has done which gets under my skin - such as setting up a different folder structure in Outlook (which may not be IMAP's 'fault' per se, but rather that of MS.) i assume this can be remedied after some digging around.


Now, only if IMAP could sync Office contacts and calendars...

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