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The past couple of days I have gone from 2-5 spam emails to 200 overnight and more during the day.

I am using a php form for my customers to enter their emails to me, but I don't think It's comming through the form.


All of the emails have "Model" as the first part of the subject (which is what my form does) and then random letters. The content is a bunch of html links to the usual crud.


So I changed the address from service@ to service1@ and deleted the old account. As soon as I was done I received a new spam on the new account. I tried again service1@ to tvservice@ and once again instant spam.


Any thoughts??

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Are you using a form that have a captcha or some other security/antispam function?


No. I tried a very simple change where they had to enter 5 (ascii) letters before the form would send. I don't think they are using the form since the spam is instant.

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