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Changing Upload Media File Size Restrictions


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I'm running WP 2.5.1


I have a flash file that is about 18M that I want to upload. However, when I try, I get an error which reads "This file is too big. Your php.ini upload_max_filesize is 2M."


I've been through all the control pages, but I can't seem to find where to increase the filesize maximum.


Any thoughts?

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You should be able to edit the htaccess file through the cpanel, but otherwise if you have an ftp program, just locate the .htaccess file, download it to your computer, add the line in my post above with an text editor and then reupload the file.

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It should be in same directory as your wp-config.php. Make sure your ftp program or cpanels file manager shows "hidden files". But it can also be that you don´t have an htaccess file. If so you will need to create one.


Same here as if you were editing an existing one:


1) Open notepad

2) Add the line in my above post and save as htaccess.txt

3) Upload it to the directory that contains wp-config.php

4) Rename the file to .htaccess

4) Done


NOTE: Do not forget there is a dot before the name htaccess.

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