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Coppermine Integrating Scipts For Php Nuke


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What I'm attempting to do is install Coppermine (v1.4.18) into Raven Nuke (v.2.20) as in integrated component / module.

What I've completed to date is read through and followed the TCH Web Hosting Help Site Page on Coppermine up to Step 3, to where I've created a folder "gallery" nested within the public_html folder.

Where I'm having difficulty now is that the Coppermine Docs AND the TCH Help Site manual do not indicate if this is for a Stand Alone Coppermine, which I am assuming it is.?


I presently have Coppermine running smoothly on another site at TCH which is using PHP-Nuke 7.8. I note the Coppermine directory/folder is located at <www.myothersite.org/public_html/modules/coppermine>. In this case Coppermine is integrated into the PHP Nuke site, i.e., link on home page to coppermine, accessible/usable by all members, appears in Admin Menu, et cetera. I wish to achieve the same result on the Raven Nuke site I have at TCH. The folks at the RN site gave me the URL for the downloading of Coppermine which is intended to work with PHP-Nuke. Raven tells me that Fantastico is 'definitely not going to install any integrated scripts,' and when I did the install several months ago via cPanel Fantastico De Luxe it resulted in a Stand Alone module, which I do NOT want. I've removed that installation. Albeit must I have some detailed knowledge about scripts to integrated Coppermine to my RN site at TCH?


As I did not set up the PHP-Nuke site I 'administer', I cannot use it as a reference for what I would like to attempt here with the RN Site. Finally, the Docs suggests that, it's always a good idea to contact your web hosting service first and ask them if they are aware of any known issues when installing Coppermine." Given it works A-ok on the PHP-Nuke site I assume there are no issues!


Any suggestions you good folks here at TCH can offer is appreciated.

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I also use raven nuke and you will have to use the coppermine gallery that is ported for nuke. Using the standalone version will not work unless you modify the coppermine files like they have been for the nuke version.

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