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Phpnuke Problem


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Yes, I am a nuke dummy. I added the theme "Siteground" into the themes folder. I then selected preferences and selected Siteground as the theme. When I refreshed, it made the entire website blank.


By using SmartFTP I figured out what I did wrong. When I unzipped the Siteground folder I did not look inside. Inside the Siteground folder is another Sitegroud folder with all the theme files.


I manually deleted the Siteground "double folder" on the website and installed the singl theme folder.


Refresed the site...still blank! I cannot get back to the Admin site because it too is blank.


How can I manually reload my old theme?


Thanks, RickB

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If you want to get back to the standard theme so your site will show. You will have to go into your database I believe it is the config portion and change it to whatever the standard theme is there.

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