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Strange, New Folders Appearing In My Account

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Heya heya!


First, to the moderators -- I'm not completely sure if this forum is the proper place to post my question, so will you please move it for me if need be? Thanks!


Now, on to the question.


Yesterday, the raid array for the server my account is hosted from crashed, requiring a complete restoration of all accounts on that server. After all was said and done, I find that two new and strange folders have taken up residence in my home directory (one level above public_html). They are named "cpmove.psql" and "cpmove.psql.1214578510."


Is it OK for me to delete these folders? While I appreciate the work done to restore my account, I really hate having folders cluttering up my space when they are no longer needed...


Thank you!

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Well, while it's the right forum to post such a query the mods can't answer the question. This would be one for the help desk. Please open a ticket with the help desk, link above or in my signature. But it appears to be left over residue from the restore process.

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Thanks, Bruce! I was tempted to submit a help desk ticket at first, but I know they appreciate it if you search out other avenues for your questions and use the help desk only when you can't find an answer elsewhere.

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Thanks, Dick.


I went ahead and deleted them on my own without issuing a help desk ticket.

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