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There Is An Open Source Project Currently Underway


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that I thought I would mention here as it has some really good prospects concerning integration into Joomla with things like vBulletin, PHPBBS, and other forums and hopefully (well for me) Gallery 2 as well. It is a project called JFusion and can be found at http://www.jfusion.org it is currently in a rewrite and hopefully version 1.0.7 will be available very soon. The person involved with it, is doing it all off his own bat and did seek donations to pay his bills whilst he worked on it, and has gotten fairly close to the funds needed (I can relate to this need very well). So if want to go and have a look and see it is a really good project to keep an eye on.


How it works is, by adding components and a plug-in and you turn them on depending on what forum software you are running with Joomla. You have control it doesn't change any Joomla code and you will be able to select which database contains the login information. You will also be able to migrate users from one to the other as well.


I am looking at it as I will be converting a site to Joomla/vBulletin/Gallery2 from its current PostNuke/PNBBS/Gallery1 setup which is now very old.


Just thought I would post here about it as it might have significant impacts on how bridging is done in the future with Joomla.

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