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How To Choose A Plan


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I have a client who tells me that their current site has 6,000 - 9,000 visits and 30,000 – 36,000 page views per month and a new site I am building for them will be hosted at tch.


The plans are sized by GB of bandwidth and disk space.


Do you have some kind of chart to help determine what plan would sized correctly by visits and pages views?


I am not so concerned with bandwidth but with performance. Not much media files - just pages served PHP/MySQL (a Drupal site).


I know this "depends" but any help woudl be appreciated.

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Bandwidth shouldn't be a problem with the visits and page views that you mentioned on any plan, but this would also depend on the type of site, the content and so on.


You could always start on a $5pm plan and if needed upgrade at a later stage when you see how the site is running.


Others might have other ideas though.

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