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Prepare For Firefox 3


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On Tuesday (June 17) Firefox 3 is supposed to be released unless something unexpected happens.


If you are using Windows, and wants to check if your extensions etc are ready for the upgrade, please do this:


1. Download Firefox Portable Edition 3 Release Candidate 2 from (http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable/test) since the stable version will probably very close to this RC.


2. Double-click your downloaded copy. Select the location you wish to install to and click OK (personally I installed it to C:\Program\FirefoxPortableTest).


3. Copy All files and folders under your Firefox 2 user profile to C:\Program\FirefoxPortableTest\Data\profile (or where you installed it). Do not move, only copy!


4. Start your portable Firefox by double-click on FirefoxPortable.exe in your FirefoxPortableTest folder.


5. Check for updates for your extensions as you do normally.


6. To remove the portable Firefox from your computer when not wanted/needed anymore or something went wrong when you installed it, just remove the FirefoxPortableTest folder.


NOTE: When using the portable version they say that the "real" version should not be used at the same time, so run only one of them at once.


Have Fun & Good Luck. :)

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Yea.... been running Firefox 3 since January I think. It's been pretty great and a nice improvement. The last couple updates as well really stabilized things.


And Thomas is correct. Make sure to exit Firefox 2 completely before running the Firefox 3 portable, otherwise you'll just end up with another Firefox 2 window when you launch it.

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Really looking forward to it! Wondering what this new address bar will be like - I've been hearing different things about it.

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