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Dynamic Dns On A Subdomain

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I'm opening another account with TCH this week for a client and I had a question regarding subdomains. I would like to set up a subdomain record using dynamic DNS (via DynDNS or FreeDNS to keep it free or cheap if possible) so that rdp.mysite.com always points to a dynamic office IP and can be updated by one of these DDNS services. I would still like the rest of the domain to go to TCH so that I can create additional subdomains in the future using CPanel.


How do I go about doing this?

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Honestly, the easiest (and possibly only) way to do this would be to simply use one of the existing dns choices (like yourhost.dyndns.org or whatever domains they offer). Then in your control panel, define a DNS entry of "subdomain.yourtchdomain.com IN CNAME yourhost.dyndns.org." Then it'll point where ever your dynamic DNS entry points

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