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Tch Top 100 Websites


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I thought this would be fun. All you do is post one or a few of your favorite websites. Feel free to post several times. Hopefully soon we will have a TCH Top 100 sites list. I guess I figured, if anyone's going to determine the coolest sites on the net... It may-as-well be the world's best website ownerrs. Now ofcouse your own site cannot be posted! Have fun!!


I'll start!

--FOX News

--The Republican National Committee (RNC)

--The Green Bay Packers


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http://www.archive.org/ (AMAZING)

http://www.usermanual-online.com/ (can be a rescue sometimes)

http://www.jamesshuggins.com/h/web1/favicon.htm ('the finishing touch')


Speaking of bookmarks, take a look at http://lbstone.com/apb/

APB (Active PHP Bookmarks) is a bookmark application where I categorize and store a lot of nice other bookmarks.

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Even a (5$US/hour)newbie can design better websites than these:

(if you are unable to open, then try after some time)



MSN 1996:





Google 1998: (Must see!) (didn't have a website before 1998)








Indiatimes 1998:





Aol 1997: (best of all these lot)





Microsoft 1996: (should be named monopoly.com)





Altavista 1996:





General Motors 1998: BIG JOKE!!





Ebay 1998:








Have a look at the current version of sites also!

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http://www.shinraonline.com (forum i frequent)

http://www.aximsite.com (good site for my PDA stuff)

http://www.pvponline.com (funny comic)

http://maddox.xmission.com (this guy is hilarious)

http://www.collegehumor.com (look at the pics)


that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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The thousands (yes, thousands) of games on these web sites say it's not.









PM me if you want some more... :rolleyes:

Linux is the debil!!!

*makes crosses out of fingers*


Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Knoppix.net - English site for the best operating system you've never installed - because you don't have to.


Some wacky, sarcastic comics:

http://riboflavin.keenspace.com/ - Riboflavin

http://icomix.com/maze/comicpage/index1.html - Irritability Comic

http://angryflower.com/ - Bob the Angry Flower


Useful site for keeping your computer up to date: http://www.versiontracker.com/


http://home.ecn.ab.ca/~jsavard/crypto/jscrypt.htm - Just about everything there is to know about cryptography.


http://world.std.com/~reinhold/diceware.html - The DiceWare word list, a method for creating passwords that are easy to remember but difficult to hack.

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