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Very Large Email List

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HEY TCH friends


(Long time, no see!)


I'm doing some web work for one of my clients who is running for office (check out his TCH-hosted website at: http://philurie.com).


My client wants to send out an e-mail to a list of 30,000 registered voters (we purchased the list from the county clerk's office).


My guess here is that I want to install PHPMail from Fantastico, then I upload my CSV-formatted list of e-mail addresses, then I set PHPMail to throttle sending at the rate the helpdesk tells me.


Is there anything else I need to know in order to make this work right? I don't want to get into trouble. I don't want to kill my server. I don't want to get my server in trouble. In short, I want to be a good TCH neighbor. (I'm a reseller, so I'm on a reseller shared server, server12.)


Any advice or tips? I'd like to get this started later today, if possible, so your prompt advice is sure appreciated.





(lost, but not gone forever)

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Hi Paul,


As you know there are limits to sending emails through the TCH servers. This includes mailing lists. The limits are not discussed openly in the forums but you could open a ticket with the help desk and they will let you know what they are.


With a list that large maybe an outside source should be considered for doing the mailing list if more than one message is to be sent. And don't forget any email sent must conform to mailing list rules like people opted to receive such messages and there is a clear way to unsubscribe.

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