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Spammers Are Using My Email Address

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I just checked my email and I received over 350 emails from recipients saying that my email was not deliverable.

The returned emails were all spam advertisements for everything you typically see SPAM messages for. I never sent these!

I used to get one or two a week but in the last 12 hours I've gotten hundreds!


For now I've created an Outlook filter to put all these emails into one folder so my inbox doesn't get confusing.


What do I do? Will my domain or email acct be blacklisted? This is one email acct that I would like to keep using.





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Welcome to owning a domain name. Not much you can do about it but wait it out. It's called email spoofing. Happens to everyone eventually.


Thanks Bruce.

I've had my domain since I think 1995 - kind of alarming to finally have it happen.

Thankfully the Cpanel filters are keeping the hundreds of bounced emails from filling up my inbox.



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