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Looking For A New Host


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Greetings all. I run a small gaming website and am looking for a new host. I am doing alot of research to ensure I dont need to move again in 6 months or less. I am planning on running a vbulletin forum, 3.7, and wanted to know if you ran the APC cache on any of your shared servers.



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Thanks Andy. I guess my only real concern is the lack of recent reviews. Most of what I have seen has been very good and is a testament to you folks. I am not looking for much, just working on a small vbulletin system, but after shelling out a years worth of hosting somewhere else to be treated very poorly I have learned to be very careful.


Also, everything in your hosting forum http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...hp?showforum=86 is 5 years old. Have they been updated and the date didnt change?

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My good friend Buffalo Gal told me all about TCH. I'm taking my time in searching the net for a new host for my websites.

:) Is there an incentive program with TCH that we can earn profits quarterly? Say by referring paying customers to TCH?


Also I am curious and would like to visit a few TCH hosted websites. Can you suggest some? Thanks in advance for your assistance. :lol2:

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Thanks everyone :) for all your advice and input. This was a nice Welcome to TCH. I really enjoyed seeing all of your websites and the sample ones. They are all exceptional. The tributes were especially touching too. I can tell that each site is a labor of love.


Question: Should I remove my url in my signature since my site is not with TCH? I wasn't sure.


I have several websites. At this time I'm still researching but TCH is swaying me favorably. :lol2:

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I've also been with TCH for around 5 years (or more?) I couldn't be happier with a web host. If you wonder if you'll get good support, check out the signature for Head Guru (you know, the OWNER of the company).


go look. I'll wait. Just scroll up and read it and then come back. (Need a shortcut? Try this.)


Did you read it? Did you notice that the owner of the company includes his IM account, his OFFICE Phone number, and his CELL PHONE NUMBER, all so you can call him if you need help. That is a guy who believes his company is going to provide you with outstanding service.


And he's right. Or I wouldn't have stuck around for 5+ years.


TCH was the best hosting decision I ever made. I can't recommend it enough.


Edit: My link didn't work. I fixed it.

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I also just past my 5 year anniversary (for the FIRST account that I moved to TCH).

Dealt with so many hosts over the years. In my experience, TCH is tops.


It is easy to recommend TCH on the facts!

- reliablility (even through hurricanes and other bad weather, our sites remained up. UPTIME has been terrific)

- consistency (in the way they apply the rules which is very important on shared servers as it protects all of us)

- stability (servers are not overbooked so you really do get everything promised)

- pricing (competitive and has adjusted with time to offer MORE space and bandwidth with no more cost! Tell me ANY other product that has done that in recent years)

- support (through the forums for general help, help ticket for real account help, TCH again is a pleasure)

- communication (usually this is the best feature. This hosting company actually tells you when they do maintenance)


I have moved some sites here and built other sites from scratch while being here.

Buffalo Gal found this host after visiting my forum and getting a recommendation and there have been many of those throughout the years.

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