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Wordpress 2.5.1 Released - Security Release


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Wordpress 2.5.1 has been released.


It includes a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and one very important security fix.


It´s recommended that everyone update immediately.


Read more / Get it at: wordpress.org/development/2008/04/wordpress-251/

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Just take your time.


My solution to installing updates for WordPress:


>1. Download the archive from WordPress and extract on my computer (remove wp-content.php)
2. Rezip the archive while in the WordPress folder eliminating the WordPress folder
3. In File Manager I delete the following in your current WordPress installation:
wp-admin folder
wp-include folder
default and classic folders from wp-content/themes folder
Akismet folder from wp-content/plugins folder
all the .php files in the root folder except wp-config.php (IMPORTANT)
4. Upload your repackaged zip file to your blogs root folder
5. Extract the contents of the zip file using File Manager
6. Run the upgrade.php file located at http://yourdomain.ext/wp-admin/upgrade.php


And you're done. Please backup first!

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The zip file you download from wordpress.org contains wp-config-sample.php which you need to rename to wp-config.php when you install wordpress for the first time.


When upgrading, as long you don´t rename wp-config-sample.php and you have made sure that your ftp program is set to overwrite the files and folders or atleast asking you if you want to do that, the following should work:


1) download the zip file from wordpress.org


2) Extract it to your computer


3) Upload the extracted content to your wordpress folder


4) Run upgrade at example.net/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php or where you have your wordpress installation.


5) Remove wp-config-sample.php, then you are done.


All files that have changed from the previous version have been upgraded but your wp-config.php stays intact and so will your plugins and theme.


But as Bruce says, make a backup first in case anything goes wrong.

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