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It is that time again for Server Kernel upgrades.



I am going to start the process of upgrading all the servers in the TCH NOC.



I am starting this process now and will post updates.


Downtime should be very minimal, as if all goes well its just a reboot.



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The following updates are now available:


abraxas - Completed

almania - Completed

ambria - Completed

ansek - Completed

applecore - Not Completed

bespin - Not Completed

boba - Completed


We will post more updates when they are available. Thank you for your patience.

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Latest Updates are now available:


byss - Completed

cathar - Not Completed - Error

chicago - Completed

coruscant - Completed

dagabah - Completed

dantoine - Completed

danuta - Completed

darthmaul - Completed

darthvader - Completed


Further updates will be available soon.

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Kernel Upgrades are currently underway. Some servers are now being rebooted so the updates can occur.


If you have any issues please open a ticket at the HelpDesk


Further updates will occur when they are available.

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