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A Little Link Code Please Someone


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I am trying to make a web page with a link on it so that when the link is 'clicked' the viewer is taken to a new page which must be a INTERNET EXPLORER page. The reason is that I am embedding a excel spreadsheet and Firefox won't acknowledge it so I wanted to put a link there for firefox viewers to click so that an explorer page opens and also so does the spreadsheet. The explorer side of things works perfectly. It's just the firefox which doesn't.

Can anyone please tell me the code for my link so it will open a explorer window.

I am pretty dumb so please just make it as simple as possible....lol

I have looked and looked and tried all sorts but so far got nowhere so hoping one of you nice people would help me out.

Thanks so much


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Well glad you found yourself a solution because there is no such way to code a link to open in Internet Explorer. And one of the reasons that would be is someone running some version of *nix (Linux, Xenix, Unix) would not even have Internet Explorer on their machines.


Now what you could do is embed the spreadsheet into a web page where it would work on most browsers. Or export your spreadsheet to HTML and put that on your web site and link to it. Another way is to force the spread sheet to download when a link is clicked instead of being opened by adding this line to your .htaccess file


>AddType application/octet-stream xls

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