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Telnet Question

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I have read back over all of the user agreements, server policies, and boilerplate, but I've not found anything regarding telnet (I could have sworn that I read something about it somewhere on here). I tried to telnet into my domain name and it told me that my account's telnet access is disabled. For some reason, I now can't even get a response from the server, but that's a side point.


My problem is that I am troubleshooting a perl script (no scripting assistance necessary or requested) and it works absolutely fine on my side with two seperate versions of ActiveState's perl win32 binaries and a linux native perl 5.8.0. For some reason (although everything is flawless here), Apache unceasingly returns a "Premature End Of Script Headers" error for my perl script. Anyone who knows Apache can tell you how informative that error is.


What I need is a bash line on the server (telnet) from which to run perl manually, so I can get some kind of useful error message, in order to know why Apache is freaking out when the coding should be flawless. Even a simple perl error message would be better than flying blind, changing around things that *might* be causing it (and don't think I haven't already tried plenty of that). I'm out of ideas. Without a meaningful error message, I have no clue as to what the problem is.


Should I start a help ticket for this, or something along those lines? How should I go about this? Thanks for the time, to anyone who replies.


-Shop-etc.com Webmaster

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We do not offer telnet access.


What you can get is jailshell access, which is a limited form of shell access. You will need to start a help ticket and explain why you need jailshell. The answer will be totally upto Bill and he may decline your request.



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Believe me, I know where you're coming from. Having shell access on the offending system does come in handy in these situations.


But, there are other ways to track down bugs in CGI scripts. What I've done in the past is wrap the whole darn script up in an giant eval block, like so:

>eval {

# all my code goes here


if ($@) {
   print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
   print "Got an error: $@";

And as soon as it craps out, I get a nice little error message in my browser window.

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Much thanks for the information. I'll keep that in mind for future phantom errors.



I had not thought of that. I'll give eval a shot. Your suggestion is much appreciated.


Thanks to you both.


-Shop-etc.com Webmaster

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