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Problem With Suhosin

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I have been successfully running Drupal on TCH for the past year and recently encountered a problem. Some of the pages/nodes (greater than 65k of text) that I submit to the Drupal CMS are not getting entered into the Database.


I've tracked down the problem to the Suhosin Hardened PHP Request Max Value Length php setting for my TCH account (I believe this was recently introduced with the Apache 2.2.6 upgrade). The limit is set at 65000 characters. I have about 60 pages/nodes that I can no longer make edits to because when a page body field that contains greater than 65000 characters/bytes is submitted, the Suhosin limit drops the field and empty/null is entered in the database instead of the text.


I've attempted to increase this limit to 150k~200k bytes using an ini_set command:

ini_set('suhosin.post.max_value_length', 180000);

ini_set('suhosin.request.max_value_length', 180000);


However, the change isn't allowed (apparently) as phpinfo() continues to show local and master limit at 65000.



What's the best way to get this limit increased? Support Ticket, alternative ini_set, or ?????




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If this limit can be changed is up to the helpdesk to decide, so a ticket is the way to go. :tchrocks:

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