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Mp4 Editor Suggestions, Please?


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I have a Sony M1 camera and want to utilize the movie feature for short how-to's about my crafts. I need some suggestions on editors, please? Just want to be able to cut out portions, maybe do fade-in-fade-out and add titles. I don't mind paying a reasonable price, but ... which one?

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Thanks, Bruce!


Woo hoo! Got it to work. But you're right, the file on a quick 5-second clip is larger than I want. I don't want huge files so may have to re-think this whole concept of mine. :clapping:

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Bruce, when you say 'You can convert them to .mpg format' do you mean in MovieMaker itself or using another program? I've never seen an option in MM to convert. Of course I may just be more than usually dull on this one.

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Craft projects?


Consider using still shots strung together in a FLASH program with instructions.

WINK is a free program that makes nice instructional type flash pieces.


Low bandwidth, you can build in stop/play functions for users.



Or very popular in crafting circles, a downloadable PDF file. Instructions with photos on pages that can be printed.

Build in just about any software and "print"/export to PDF file format.

Again lower bandwidth and portable.

As a life-long crafter, I have MANY such PDF's that I have gathered from many sites.

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I used the trial version of AVS Video Converter. It does embed a watermark so I would have to pay for the full program and it's quite reasonable. Am exploring various other options such as the PDF files mentioned and also PowerPoint with sound. There are some other free trial programs out there and I want to check them out before I consider which one to purchase. The AVS can be found at: http://www.avs4you.com

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