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Help With Oscommerce Editing Files

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Hi, My name is Jim and i'm really hoping someone here can help me with my question please.


I'm very new to osCommerce so i'm sorry if this these may seem like easy questions but please help.


I installed OSC using Fantastico thru my server host so it was pretty much automatically installed for me but i cannot figure out how to change or solve the questions that i have.



Up top left corner in the menu area where says "Top" and "Catalog" (After a Fresh New Install) under the osCommerce logo, When i click on "Top" it takes me to http://DOMAIN NAME.com and not http://www.DOMAIN NAME.com and by doing so it shows all of the files that are in that directory instead of taking it to the index.php file.


What file do i edit or where do i go and change this so that when i click on "Top" it goes to http://www.DOMAIN NAME.com and Not http://DOMAIN NAME.com ?


It seems like an easy fix but after hours of searching thru .php files and searching the OSC Forums site including this one i am STUMPED!


Could someone assist me please?


Thank You very much in advanced.



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Hi Jim,


Can you open a ticket and tell us which domain please. The reason I say that is with or without the www should not take you to different places, it sounds as if there is an error in your htaccess somewhere.


I including the www. in configure.php file and now all is well.

The files inside the directory no longer show up. Do you think i still need to open a ticket for this and feel that there might be an error in the htaccess somewhere??



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