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Www Doesn't Work For Gallery 2?


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I'm in the process of re-installing Gallery 2. I've just finished uploading a mass of pictures and I'm discovering something weird: If the address given is neumatikos.net/gallery2, I can see my pictures. If the address is www.neumatikos.net/gallery2, everything works - but no pictures. What's up with that?

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"HotLink protection is currently disabled."


It does have a tendency to redirect to www. I had assumed that was something going on with my ISP, since I'd never noticed it before. I have to go to the address, take out the www, and then reload.

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I believe I've fixed it.


It wasn't a hosting problem at all; it was a problem with the URL Rewrite module for Gallery2. Gallery 2 only accepts requests from whatever domain it's installed in. Alternate subdomains calling for the same pictures are considered hotlinking. Since www is technically a subdomain, it was "protecting" me from hotlinking by disallowing any of the pictures.


I turned off two settings to fix it:

  • Block hotlinked items
  • Send HTML for hotlinked items


With these two settings turned off, everything worked fine.

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