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A Script To Allow Customizable Cd Creation?


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Hi Everyone!


Been looking at some cart scripts and not finding what I need exactly, so thought I'd post here to see if anyone has insight...


I would like to implement the purchase of custom CDs on my web site (my own songs).


I am envisioning a process that is streamlined and fairly simple for an every day computer user.


The needs are:

User comes to web store

User can pick and choose a certain number of songs to put on a custom made CD (lets say up to 15 songs per CD)

User should be able to click a 'play' button at each song title to preview the music

User will select songs and they will be added to Custom CD listing (the selections are stored to be sent to me to fulfill)

User will select CD cover artwork from a pre-existing selection of 4 covers

User will be able to title the CD any name they want (within a certain limit of characters)

User will be able to enter in text for a personal autograph (within a certain limit of characters)

User will check out securely using Paypal (right now it's set up for Website Payments Standard I think)


All that data should be sent to to me so I can:

1.) Know what songs go on the CD, what artwork was selected, what CD title was selected and what personalization the customer wants

2.) The payment should be confirmed with matching the order to the Paypal receipt (so I know which Custom CD belongs to which customer)

3.) All shipping info should be sent to me so I can fulfill the order


I would also like to add in single downloads to the store, and other merchandise will be added over time. I know I can do thsi with a cart like osCommerce, but I'm not so sure about the customized products (not sure how that would work)


Do you think a cart like ZenCart, CubeCart or osCommerce can do this, or can it be done w/ one of these and some custom scripting? Or would I be looking at creating something totally new... and if so, where do I look to find someone who can do it?


I've looked into also using a form that I build from my site, but the problem I see with doing it that way is that someone can submit the form, but not pay and also they could input different payment info in Paypal, so I would have no idea what Custom CD goes with what customer.


I'm open to ANY ideas!


Thanks so much for any insight you have!

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I just found a script:



But it's $1,500 and it's more than what I need and it's ASP, so I'd have to get Windows hosting(?).


Anyone know of anything similar in function that is OpenSource or cheaper or even a service?


I've been combing the web and just can't find a thing! LOL


Now I'm searching "product configurator software".


I guess that is what I am searching for: product configuration... sort of like when you build a system at Dell or Gateway, except this is with songs and artwork.

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