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#1 Computing Snack

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Best snack to eat while at keyboard  

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  1. 1. Best snack to eat while at keyboard

    • Pumpkin Seeds
    • Doritos
    • Pot. Chips
    • Corn Chips
    • Funions
    • Cheetos
    • Cookies
    • Corn Nuts

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I only recognise about two of those snax,


but I like to eat Jaffa Cakes when I'm working. . .


. . .helps me keep in shape.


What. . .round is a shape?


:) :P :P

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See what I do is take a can of vienna sausages, dump them out into a bowl. Then take three slices of bread, rip them in half so I have 6 peices of bread. Then you take the vienna sausage and wrap it in the bread.. then you have...


poor man's pigs in a blanket! :D

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jell-o brand fruit snacks. strawberry. nice and soft, and don't stick in my retainer.


whoppers, especially the easter robin eggs. for some reason they taste so much better.


and tho messy, i like to eat jello powder, straight outta the box.



edited since i accidentally hit the enter button before i was done. d'oh!

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Dogs have Dog Chow


Puppies have Puppy Chow


Programmers have Programmer Chow which amazingly enough look exactly not unlike Nilla Wafers (And no, not Vanilla Wafers - they are tripe in comparison!)


Our whole company was downing them at one time (in a previous job).

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I cant believe you forgot to include sunflower seeds


I like the David brand ones, especially the flavored ones (ranch, BBQ, nacho cheese)


My personal record is 12 bags of seeds in one week


??? We feed sunflower seeds to the birds not the humans over here.


I don't think the local sparrow community would be to impressed with nacho cheese flavour though.



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