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What Is Wrong With My Cgi Script?


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I'm attempting to write a counting script, to see how many times a college has been clicked on. Right now my issue is that it counts only for the first college in my array. I have links below to text for both the html file and cgi script.


I understand I have to do something about a string and whatever, but not enough to know what I'm doing. If possible, could you post the code to fix it as well?




cgi script--->



html document--->


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im not a Perl guru, but I can tell you that this doesn't look right:


my @college_count = (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);


foreach my $rec (@records) {


($college, $mascot) = split(/,/, $rec);

$college_count[$college] = $college_count[$college] + 1;



@college_count is regular array, but you are trying to use it as hash array. $college in your loop is a string, and $college_count[#] need an index - a number. Perl evaluates you string to 0, thus, you're always increasing $college_count[0].


firstly, read up on perl hash arrays.


you could try something like


>my %college_count = (
	"Baker College" => 0,
	"University of Michigan" => 0

# then in the loop

#and to print out all colleges with counts
while ( my ($col, $count) = each(%college_count) )
	print "$col = $count\n";



good luck

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Ok that kindof works, but not quite. If I do that, whichever college I click on will receive all of the click "points." For example if I click on Lawrence Tech, it will show 40 clicks and the rest with zero. If I click Baker next time, it will have 41 clicks, with the rest at zero. Any more help on fixing this would be appreciated.

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try this. add whatever you're missing, wrap with html if that's what you're looking for..


>use strict;
use warnings;

#declare variables
my ($college, $mascot, $size, @errors);
my %college_list = ("Baker College" => "the Ferret",
				"University of Michigan" => "the Wolverine",
				"Michigan State University" => "the Spartans",
				"Eastern Michigan University" => "the Swoop Eagle",
				"Central Michigan University" => "the Flying C",
				"Wayne State University" => "W The Warrior",
				"Lawrence Tech University" => "the Blue Devil",
				"University of Detroit-Mercy" => "Tommy Titan");

# init college_counts to zeros
my %college_count;
foreach my $col (keys %college_list) {
$college_count{$col} = 0;

#assign ramdom input items to variables for test purpose
$college = (keys %college_list)[rand keys %college_list];
$mascot = $college_list{$college};

push(@errors, "Please make a valid college choice") if !exists $college_list{$college};

if (@errors)
print $errors[$_]."\n" for 0..$#errors;
# save form data to a file
open(OUTFILE, ">> survey.txt") or die "Error opening survey.txt. $!, stopped";
print OUTFILE "$college,$mascot\n";

# read stats
open(INFILE, "<survey.txt") or die "Error opening survey.txt. $!, stopped";
my @records = <INFILE>;

# calculate survey statistics
foreach my $rec (@records)
	my ($c, $m) = split(/,/, $rec);

# print all counts
while ( my ($col, $count) = each(%college_count) ) {
	print "$col = $count\n";

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