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Prepare For Wordpress 2.5


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It seems that much will change regarding themes and plugins in version 2.5 and there is an upgrade preparation checklist at blogherald.com/2008/03/07/wordpress-upgrade-preparation-checklist/ for a smooth upgrade to the new version.


Also, in this check list there is a link to a "PreFlight Test" plugin that you can install like any other plugin in your current wp blog and it will tell you if you are ready (more or less anyway) for the upgrade.

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Well, I for one am not going to be an early adopter of the latest release. ;)


Hi Bruce and all!


I know I'm usually here bugging about why the new update isn't in Fantastico yet....but this time I'm going to wait. I finally have our 3 blogs exactly how I want them to look after tweaking templates and I would hate to have all that I've done (after much trial and error) go out the window. Version 2.33 is working just fine.


Have a great day everyone :lol2:

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I've updated two of the three websites I have that use Wordpress and both have gone off without a problem. It was pretty much a non-issue.


Just make sure you have a DB and source file backup before starting. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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Thanks everyone!


One of the themes I use on 2 of my blogs (a car racing theme) is pretty old too. I'm hoping it will stay intact. I love that theme and added my own pictures to the headers, one of my husband's race car, and one of Las Vegas Motorspeedway to the other for the headers. I really want to keep using that theme.


I'll do the backups as mentioned, but everybody keep your fingers crossed for me. :lol2:

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