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Any Familiarity With Ravennuke Installation Welcome


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I recently opened another web space on TCH and am presently attempting to install RavenNuke v.2.20.0, but it appears I have not been able to get much beyond reading the Docs, and a few other first steps. I've created a database, user and pswd and granted full access to same. I also changed the config.php file to reflect the info from the database. As an aside I note the config.php file in my unzipped version of RavenNuke_v2.20.0 shows e.g., SQL Database Hostname and NOT SQL "localhost"; So here I'm not sure if the quotes, etc are really necessary or ??? On completion of the u/l to my Server ( in folder public_html) of the items in the html folder, l pointer Firefox to the URL. With my best efforts I cannot get beyond these 2 Error messages;


>There seems to be a problem connecting to the MySQL server. MySQL is Reporting Access denied for user 'rnv220'@'localhost' (using password: YES)


SO, I then added the latter part of the route as noted below to the Address bar and then I get the second error msg / problem (cf. below). I attempted to work around this by accommodating that message by adding the User 'rnv220' with the pswd YES, but that just gives me a repeat of the results I've been getting. From my reading of the docs it would appear the User 'rnv220' would be something in an earlier 'fill in the Form' step provided to assist with installation. BTW I also changed the permission on the ultramode.txt, sample.htaccess and sample.staccess fm 644 to 777. This was suggested in the Doc's.


Albeit, Ravennuke and I are at loggerheads on this and without some assistance I'm not sure I can make any further progress. Except for my role as a weekend admin on a PHPNuke site hosted by TCH, where I have some hands-on experience with cPanel and its many features I'm a blank slate with respect to scripts, etc. Appreciate ANY and ALL help those of you with the depth and span of knowledge of RavenNuke can offer. In advance, thank you.


>There seems to be a problem with the System Configuration Table - it's missing. If you are the System Administrator and installing this for the first time, did you remember to run the INSTALLATION/installSQL.php file?


2nd Error Msg.

MySQL Database Connectivity Test Results config.php file found! I was unable to reach your MySQL server using the MySQL connection settings in your nuke config.php file. The exact error that MySQL reported is:

MySQL Error # 2 = Access denied for user 'rnv220'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

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Did you add the user to the database?


Yes I did add them to the db, i.e., the original user and pswd plus the attempt at the 'work-around' on the rnv220 msg. I might add here that there is one other piece of info that might assist someone in breaking this impasse I face and that is the error I now get on adding the "..did you remember to run the INSTALLATION/installSQL.php," is a 'Page Not Found 404 ". My Error log notes there is no such file, "[sun Mar 9 15:21:08 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/*******/public_html/INSTALLATION/installSQL.php." It would seem I cannot create the database because permission does not exist for the rnv220 at my localhost. Also PHPAdmin reveals there are no tables in the database! How to create them given the impasse I face is my quandary.

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I would also be happy to look at it. I would suggest to start over and use Nuke Evolution. But up to you. Just PM me all of your Login info.


Thank you kindly to each of you who offered assistance. One of the chaps at the RavenNuke forum spotted 'the obvious' which I had missed in the config.php file. It was somewhat akin to those magazine pictures where you were asked to find the x number of faces in the picture. Never very good at that and in this case I missed the obvious. Albeit, made the correction and within a few minutes I had complete the installation. Now will try and modify to see my needs. BUT... I will look at Nuke Evolution in more detail. Finally, it's great to know there are folks out there happy to assist, kinda makes you feel at home!

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