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Looking For A Way To Combine Four Usb Hard Drives

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I have four 250 GB USB 2.5" external hard drives. The hard drives require about 700 mA to spin (which most computers will provide, if plugged in directly). I am looking for a device that can take two, three, or four of these drives and make them appear as one drive to any computer. The device would then connect to a single USB port on a computer running Windows XP. Alternatively, the device would connect to the local area network as a SMB-like share. The access control list of such share must be customizable.


I would rather not pry the cases open for the internal drives. However, I would imagine that the internal drive interface is PATA since they are notebook drives.


I also wouldn't mind getting 2.5" to 3.5" adapters.


The solution needs to be relatively cheap, otherwise I could just buy one bigger drive.

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I managed to pry open one of the cases today. They are actually SATA drives. I guess this completely changed my search direction.


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