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Robots, Php And The Txt File


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I have a site with 6 php includes. header,footer,right menu, left menu, sales menu, content. Sometimes more for a special menu.


Do I need a robots.txt in every .php include for it to be effective? I don't necessarily want the robot crawling all of my headers if my bandwidth is suffering from anything unecessary.


I'm doing a php include of a robots.txt file so that way I can universally update it across the platform.



Yeah, maybe nobody should have clued me in on the basics of php. Even though I haven't started programming as a programmer would, the doors have been opened and I'm using this knowledge everyday.


Is 6 php includes for a robots.txt file in every include overkill, or smart use?

I understand it's open to interpretation and I highly value your opinions.




If anyone else is doing something similar, it would be fun to hear what you're up to;definitely participate.

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