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Concurrent Access Shared Mailboxes Deployment

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With Google Apps for Domains (GAFD), Gmail ample storage, and IMAP remote access capability, deploying concurrent access of shared mailboxes for domains is available now. It is essentially same as you would have with a corporate Exchange email server.


It is having say three shared domain mailboxes hosted at TCH with domain example.com. team members can have concurrent access to these three shared mailboxes say across multiple outlook client connections, webmail, and blackberry mobile wireless conections. team members can sync folders and see which conversations have already been answered and which still need replying to.


I am interested to hear about your experience deploying such a solution, specifically:


1)With IMAP, Can your team see which emails have been replied to by other team members?


2)With IMAP, does the blackberry wireless offer near instant access of your domain shared mailboxes?


3)Can you reply on those blackberrys and see near instant update on your IMAP access shared domain mailboxes.


4)Email headers in gmail only show the gmail server. Email headers of TCH hosted mailboxes show origin ip. Is there a way to prevent Email headers from showing origin IP and simply show the email server location in the from: in the email header?

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