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Saying Thank You With Gifts


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Is it possible for us to send gifts to the TCH offices in December or really anytime of the year for either the office in general or specific people from tech support?


The least any business owner could do who has been helped time and again is send a card to the offices when you're thinking back on things to be thankful for during the past year.

Either way, I'm showing my gratitude and appreciation right now for everyone here and I sincerely do thank you!



Of course things like food wouldn't go over well, but really anything sensible and tangible.

Is it okay to do or discouraged?



Here's what I wrote in another topic.

Thanks again!



Are we allowed to send gifts to the TCH offices on anyones behalf? I'll open a new topic on it. Between W3 Schools and TCH I'm learning a lot and using a lot of what I learn. I'm going to write something in the open topics about it to see if it's allowed and if anyone has or does do it.


Especially all of the business owners at Christmas. Even if products don't fit, you guys are on the top of my list of thank you's and people to be thankful for in my year.

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