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Not Getting Emails

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I'm not getting some emails.




For some reason, I occasionally do not receive emails that people have sent me. One in particular has happened a number of times. A friend of mind is sending from a Comcast.net address from her home. She asks me a few days later "you get that email?" And I never got it! It has happened a few times like I said, seems to happen randomly. She is 100% sending to the right address, as she is only hitting "reply" to the emails I'm sending her.


Sometimes they'll pop in a couple days later, sometimes not at all. I check with both Outlook and the webmail programs. Sometimes we try to test it, and the emails come in just fine.


What could be the reason for this? What good is having an email address that only receives 9 out of 10 emails.


Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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It is hard to know what the problem might be without seeing the emails and headers to determine what is happening. Be sure and check the Reply-To address and be sure that there is no typo there and that it is in the correct format. If the inbox is full when the message arrives it will go into a mail queue and the system will continue to try and send it until the inbox is available. I look at the mail queue on some servers and see many messages dating back several days that cannot be delivered because the mailbox is full.


Also, is the other person receiving any kind of message saying that delivery is delayed? That information can help in determining the problem.


If an account is fairly new then it is possible that the email is being misrouted by the sending ISP. I had email that some ISPs still tried to deliver to my old account a couple of weeks after I had transfered here.


If you continue to have problems, please submit a Help Desk ticket and we will look into it. Always include as many details as possible, especially with mail issues.

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nope, she gets no email stating any kind of error.


It may be on comcast's end, I mean I get mail from basically everybody, and never really have anyone telling me im not getting their male, except this one person that only uses comcast.


that mail still hasn't come through yet, we'll see.


It's just funny to think about how many emails in my lifetime in this day and age I probably haven't gotten and never knew I was suppose to get. Maybe my entire life would have taken a different path. Does tch realize they could possibly have enough power to unknowingly alter the course of person's future forever?


I'm probably just tired.

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IMHO you are casting stones in the wrong direction. The reason that I was searching for a hosting service when I found Total Choice Web Hosting was because the comcast mail servers are horrible. I was constantly not getting mail that was sent to me, and mail that I was sending to other people was being lost. In the end, it worked out better since I have now found a home here, but I have to admit it was very frustrating at the time. Anyway, those are my thoughts.....

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  • 2 weeks later...

well I'll tell ya what...


in the past two weeks... a friend that uses comcast has gotten emails I've sent up to 2 days late. Emails I get from her have been up to a day or two late as well. NOT ALL OF THEM.. but one in say, 5.


I have another friend who's using email through her work... a pharmaceutical company. I sent her email about a week ago, and she got it 4 days later.


I understand these things happen. I know it wasn't either of their servers, because when we tried sending from their accounts to either my yahoo webmail or earthlink... they went through. Also when I sent them emails from these other accounts, again, no problem.


Again, I know hangups and hiccups and lag, etc. happens with email in general. Lord knows my work servers can be way backed up.


My reason for posting, honestly, was just to find out if there were any known issues as to why my emails have been delayed. I haven't LOST any that I know of, but just delayed. I figured maybe there was server maintenance going on.. I dunno.


Other than this most recent issue, I've been very happy with TCH.

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Submit a help desk ticket.


We cant fix it unless you do so.


Posting here with the complaints and not even telling us who you are or what the domain name is cant possible solve any issue that is present.


I have comcast as a connection and I will be frank. The smtp.comcast.net mail server is very unreliable.


Simply submit a help desk ticket as for help and you get it.

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