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Trac Or Retrospectiva Install?


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I need bug/issue tracking web based software. I reviewed many available ones, and really like Retrospectiva (Ruby/Rails) and Trac (Python). Have anyone tried installing anyone of these on TCH shared account, is it possible? They both have instructions on how to do it locally, or, I guess, via shell access (which I'm not even sure I have with silver account).


If not, maybe you know of some other similar software we can install on shared hosting?


I saw Mantis (php/mysql), however, I didn't like it much and would prefer to look at other options before having to try it. Doesn't look like I can use Bugzilla, as we can run perl outside of cgi-bin.


Any siggestions appreciated!

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I haven't tried trac in a shared environment, but you'll likely have problems getting it installed without help desk support, due to some of the dependencies required (there are some Python modules, for example, you'll probably have to have TCH install to get it to work). Also TCH only support MySQL and keep in mind this warning for Trac:


Warning: MySQL support is currently still experimental. That means it works for some people, but several issues remain, in particular regarding the use of unicode and the key length in the repository cache.


A couple I have used that are relatively simple to use and install, and should work fine in a shared hosting environment... CodeTrack if you just need really simple bug tracking. It's all php-based, and stores everything in files, so there's no db requirement. Or Eventum, written and used by MySQL AB team, which is also php-based, and (obviously) uses MySQL backend. Both I've used, and the latter is what I currently actively use (although not on a shared server, but the requirements are modest and the setup is done via web interface).

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Oh, and I didn't comment on Respectiva because I've had no experience with it. I did run Bugzilla before on a shared account (but on a dedicated server I owned), and it's been awhile (like 3 years ago or so), so I don't remember if I had to do anything special to get it to work.

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thanks a lot for quick reply and for suggestions, Mike!


Do you know if CodeTrack supports UTF-8? I need it to support Cyrillic and Central European characters (english interface is fine).


I actually found a thread here of someone installing Bugzilla, but I'm not usre I want it, it looks too big for what I need.

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