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Ftp Questions!

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I rarely mess around with Ftp but needed to do poke around in the files so fired up SmartFTP and tried to access my dot on the server. It wouldn't connect.


I thought no big deal, I can do my poking from Cpanel but couldn't change permissions like I needed to (I read somewhere to "make a ticket" if one had that problem and I will if I can't figure FTP out). I snooped around in Cpanel and did find "FTP Accounts" and I'm listed as having an account. Now, finally to my question!


Do I need to use either Filezilla or Core FTP instead of SmartFTP or do I need to change something in SmartFTP because of the server move?



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Weird. It wouldn't connect using the IP address but did using the Ftp Server name which includes my domain name.


I'm trying to edit a navigation link under the logo on my forum (IPB 2.2.1) and have changed the permission of the necessary file from 0666 to 0755 & 0777, edited the link in my admin panel and still can't get it to save so the link is changed on the board.


I get this msg:


cache/skin_cache/cacheid_8/skin_global.php not writeable - cannot cache to PHP file

Template bit(s) saved to database


I asked what I was doing wrong on one of the IPB support forums and was told to


Change you permissions to global_config,php to CHMOD 755 or 777.


Which is what I did. Is there anything else I should try or should I :clapping: to TCH support & send a ticket?

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