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Changing My Domain Name

Lou Sander

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No, its easy. :)


Just register the domain, point it to the same nameservers as the old one and submit a ticket to have a tech replace the old domain with new domain on your TCH account (or parked if you wish that).


I've just registered the new domain through TCH, but I don't have a clue about the other stuff you mentioned.


I'm a technical person, but I deal with this stuff only once every couple of years.


1) How do I "point it to the same nameservers as the old one?"


2) What is "parked?"


3) I can probably figure out how to submit a ticket. I think I've done it before.

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1. Log into your domain control center and change the nameservers to the ones you are currently using for your existing domain.


2. Parking means you are going to use your old domain and new domain to point to the same content. Typing in either domain name will take you to your current web site. Asking the help desk to park your new domain on top of your old domain sets up links so they each point to the same location.


3. Click on the Help Desk link above or in my signature to enter a support ticket.

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