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Some Important Rules Regarding Using Email On Totalchoice Hosting

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Hi everyone,


I recently asked for some clarification about the rules about sending email and what is considered spam after upgrading to a reseller account and reviewing TotalChoice Hosting's Acceptable Use Policy, which is posted at:



Here's a consolidation of information they sent to my queries about rules regarding sending email:

Please see

for an indication of some of the rules and regulations about sending email.

In summary the law:

  • bans false or misleading header information.
  • prohibits deceptive subject lines.
  • requires that your email give recipients an opt-out method - that must work.
  • requires that commercial email be identified as an advertisement and include the sender's valid physical postal address

By law, bulk emails can be sent only to people who have agreed to receive emails from you.

I asked for a definition of 'bulk mail' and what is okay and what's not. They answered:

In the very basic, bulk email means nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by e-mail.

In order to send such (bulk) emails you need to ensure that the email owners have agreed to receive such emails from you as a first step.

There are limits to how much email a domain can send at a time. If you open a ticket at the help desk, they will explain the limits. They don't publish them on the TCH website, because they don't want to tell spammers what the limits are.


If you are have a TotalChoice Hosting reseller account and a domain hosted by you breaks the anti-spam rules, your reseller account may be suspended.


------------------------- Some other TCH email rules -------------------------


Forwarding email to someone with an AOL/AIM, Comcast, Yahoo, Hotmail, and MSN email address is not allowed on TotalChoice Hosting.

This is to prevent TotalChoice Hosting from being blacklisted by those internet service provider companies. Unfortunately in the past there were problems with folks who had TCH domains sending spam, and TCH had to create this rule to keep from domains they host being permanently unable to send mail to those companies.


So you cannot set up an alias address in the Control Panel to automatically forward mail to another address or addresses from those companies.


It is also not okay to set a regular email address associated with a domain on TCH to automatically forward all incoming email to an email address on those companies.


In other words, any automatic forwarding that is not screened first by a human being who specifically selects email (that is not spam) to forward to someone they know is not allowed.

Using mailing lists (listservs) such as Phplist and Mailman are not forwards, so would not fall under the same TotalChoice policy. But listservs must have a way for subscribers to confirm that they want to be on the listserv -- and a clear, effective way for someone to unsubscribe - in other words an opt-out method that must work - as mentioned above.




Thank you Tom Duncan, Carl Noonan, Andy Beckett, Dick DeVance, Bill Kish, and anyone else who worked behind the scenes on this, for giving me information and feedback so I could be sure I understood how this works, and so I could share it with other folks here on the tch Family Forum.


And thanks to everyone at TotalChoice Hosting for great hosting and excellent customer service!

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Thank you Bruce and Carl.


Now here's an update from another part of the Forums where Carl wrote:


Yahoo! Forwards Policy


Due to the increase in complaints, effective March 08 2008, we will no longer allow forwards from TotalChoice accounts to Yahoo! accounts.

Read the rest here:



Please do add other updates here as these policies change to keep me and others up to date.




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Thank you Carl. I don't see any way to edit my original post above. Am I missing something?


Your information and Bruce's confirmation about Yahoo are posted here. Is that enough, or should I post an new updated version? Which do you think would be more useful for other folks here?


I did just now update this information on my website, which is posted here:





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