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I Wandered, Then Came Home


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Ha ha... I call this "Back from College" because that's what TCH-Andy said it was like.


I started with TCH in 2003. Had a few sites and never really had many problems. 2 years or so ago, I found myself with nearly 10 sites and needed more space than the TCH Reseller program offered for my budget. I switched to another company that promised 'failover' hosting, which I really needed.


Well thousands of issues later with my host.... I am moving back to TCH.


This was a grand lesson for me. I think I've spent more time with support with this last host than I ever have in my whole life. Problems with email, failing servers, so called Failover pretty much nonexistent, blacklisted IP for goodness only knows why, unable to see my sites because of this blacklisting... I could go on. I have to say they always tried their best to help, but after so much downtime and just so much frustrating crap just to keep my sites up... I'm done with it. I can't handle that much frustration and a company not delivering on their promise that made me switch to them.


TCH just upped the reseller package, so now I have enough room for my sites and I'm even saving a few bucks.


So the college girl is coming home. Hoping not to get a spanking for leaving! LOL :)


The cool thing is that even when I left here, I was always treated like family, and I really appreciate that.


Who do I send the college pizza to? LOL LOL

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You can send one to Bill, one to Dick and one to me! :)


Welcome back :)


OK PM me the addresses! I'm serious.

Or if you all get together, you could have a College Pizza Party! But you'd have to BYOB! LOL

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OK cool! It'll be a TCH Pizza and Beer party. That sounds like fun! I'll learn some pizza ditties and we'll have a rollicking good time!


Oh and I see Thomas lurking down there. Join in on the fun.


Where's a pizza icon when u need one! LOL

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Welcome back home, Nat. :)


Dinner is as always at 5pm, so don´t be late and don´t forget to tidy your room every now and then.


Thanks Thomas! I can try to be on time for dinner, but the room cleaning thing may need some work.


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A little bird told me Bruce is good with cleaning. :)


Oh really!? That is good to know. I wonder what I'd have to trade for Bruce to clean my room? More Pizza and Beer I suppose! LOL

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I'm not big on pizza and I don't like beer but I'll do the cleaning for ... say ... chocolate cake! ;)



Just for you....



Got Milk? LOL

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Oh my goodness! Thanks, Nat!

Don't worry, I always have milk! LOL

Ok, I'll go get my cake knife and we'll get started on this masterpiece.

Unless nobody else wants a piece... in which case I'll just get a fork. ;)


Oh, and consider that cleaning done! :yes:

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OMG how did I miss the cake?! I bet no one saved me a piece.......... again!



Nat, I hope the move back is going well. As always if you need help just let us know.


Oh Dick, no worries, I'll just bake you a fresh cake:




The move went great, Andy helped me out a lot with making sure scripts were running right again. Hail TCH staff for being the the best in the biz. :whip:


Now I'm just buried in making my new album. I shall re-emerge when all is complete! LOL

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