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Lightning Struck My Yard....

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A few years ago as I watched a storm from a window,

I saw lightning hit a tall oak tree on the other side of the garage.

It made my hair stand up .


It splt a chunk of bark two inches wide and an inch deep from the top to the ground.

I thought well that was lucky, no other damage.

The next day my garage door opener would not work, zapped :D

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I know the feeling, this January lightning hit a tree in our backyard. Killed half of it. 5 minutes ago it started raining for the first time since February. I can see it coming down in sheets, the wind is really blowing hard. My daughter says the clouds are bumping together when she hears thunder. In proper Arizona fashion the streets are already under water. I know it will be over in another 5 minutes but I am happier than I have been in a long time. I want to move to England for the rain, I miss the wet weather from New Orleans. Funny, my wife cant be without the sun and I cant be without the rain. I guess I have to take it when I can. Greatfolios, its amazing what a little water and electricity can do.

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