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Pdf File Attachment

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Hello all,

I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I need instructions for attaching a pdf document to a web page in CUTE Site Builder. I am guessing that I could upload the file into the public folder, but to be honest, I don't really know how to do that. I don't write in HTML and I don't really understand how the web pages and/or other files are stored in the directory. When I publish, I hit the "publish" button, and it loads automatically.


I have a web page where I have a pdf document displayed like an image. When I am working to edit pages in the CUTE Site program, I click on the "pdf image", and Adobe Acrobat opens and then the document loads, where I can print it. That is what I want the visitors to be able to do. But when I "preview to publish", the image is just an image and the document will not open. Do I have to make that image a link to the pdf document in one of my folders, or can the document be part of the web page, so when I click "publish", it will upload into what ever folder it is supposed to be in?


I am sorry to be so ignorant. I am not very web savvy.


If you have simple instructions, I would appreciate them.



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HI lizzieanddarcy, welcome to the forums ;)


I'm not a CSB expert, but I'm sure one will come along shortly.


In general, you will have to make the image a link to the pdf file ( which I would suggest placing a copy of in the same folder) and the pdf file also needs to be uploaded ( published ) to the server.

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Welcome to the forums lizzieanddarcy tch_welsign.gif


Unlike the others I DO use CSB!


In CSB, use the INSERT menu on your toolbar to insert images, animated graphics, downloadable files, music, all sorts of goodies.




3 WAYS TO have a downloadable PDF file: You will probably use #1 or #2.

1) USE THE INSERT > FILE DOWNLOAD LINK Choose your file on your computer and publish. CSB will absorb a copy of your file and load it to the web for you. This option is fine if you just have one pdf file and that contents of that will not change very often! If it changes you will have to remove the one you have and reinsert it fresh. This method requires no external programs. CSB does all the lifting for you.


2) USE FTP or FILE MANAGER TO UPLOAD A FILE: (best option if you have A LOT of files)

When you use a 3rd party FTP program to upload your special files (swf, music, pdf, image for slideshows, etc) you can place them into folders on your website that mean something logical if you like. You can place all your pdf files in a pdf folder, or separate them by topic, etc.


Or since you are here at TCH, you can use the File Manager (inside your cPanel) to upload your pdf file to your site. You can put the file directly in the public_html folder, or create a pdf folder on your site and put the file in there. Easy and fast.


Then in your CSB page, simply link to the pdf file from a web page with either a text or image link. Just select (highlight) the image or text then right click, choose URL style link and type in the address for the file.

If file is in your public_html folder on the site, your address would look like this:


If file is in a pdf folder inside your public_html folder on the site, your address would look like this:


This is the best option. Keeps your CSB file small and uncluttered, running faster for publishing and besides that, the pdf file can be changed just by uploading a new version of the same file name to the website.



You will not be using this method now but here for reference for OTHER things you may want to do as you build....


(usually this instruction is for FLASH .swf or image files for slideshows, etc) When you use CSB/Trellix to upload and link to a file (swf, music, pdf, image) as part of a code, you place the code into an INSERT HTML, then place the file into the WEB COMPONENTS part of the insert HTML. To find the file, the code must be modified to put ^GEMDIR/ in front of the file name.

RESULT: CSB/Trellix publishes the code AND your file to your website.

ADDITIONAL INFO: You should look at the VIEW SOURCE on the page with the code. You will not see ^GEMDIR/ in the code. That is placed into your code to tell CSB/Trellix to create a SUBDIRECTORY to hold that webcomponent. The source code on the page will show the swf file can be located at an address that looks like HTMLobj-123/yourfile.swf

LINKING: If you want to link to the file from somewhere else on your site, or as part of another script, you would have to use the true URL address to link to the file, example: http://www.domain.com/HTMLobj-123/yourfile.swf You would NEVER use the ^GEMDIR/ outside of the confined space of the CSB INSERT HTML interface! To link from one Insert HTML to another is tricky but can be done. Insert the swf file. Publish. Using the View source get the proper url address of the swf file. Then when you put your other code in you can use the true address of the swf file in the code. You use ^GEMDIR/ for the files that are inserted only into the CURRENT insert HTML code.



CSB 3 & 4: INSERT > HTML code.


To be brief, we often shortcut instructions to "INSERT >HTML"


By the way, when you PUBLISH, if you use instruction #1 or #3 above, remember to UNCHECK the option to publish to a local HTML file if you have defined it in the publishing options. If you do that, your HTML-obj folder will publish fine. [This box is helpful as a setting for previewing your site, but not for publishing your site!]


File > Publish web site > Options > HTML Directory > Uncheck this box when you publish.


You can easily recheck it again when you want to use the preview function again.




This is one of the many topics covered at my CSB support site.

Edited by Samrc
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Hello to all,

Thanks so much for your kind welcome! I have not visited the family forum in quite a while, but have always received helpful information!

A special thanks to Samantha! Your explanation was just what I needed and the link is working beautifully!! I will bookmark your site for future reference.


Thanks again to you all! I really appreciate your help! You guys are great!! :unsure:

Lynn (Lizzieanddarcy)

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