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Private Domain Registration.


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I am getting ready to find my own web host and domain name registration privacy is an important service for who I eventually end up giving my money to. Does your company offer that service? If yes, even though I will be using a proxy I will still be the domain owner correct?


So far these forums have been a terrific incentive for me to go with your company.


Thank you.


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Hi Lily, welcome to the forums :thumbup1:


Yes, you can register though us, and keep your ID private - we use domainsbyproxy, and yes - you would still be the domain owner.


Thank you, that was an important part of my decision, and just wow on your forums here. I haven't seen this with any other provider I have been researching. Really nice and informative.

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Well, I finally did it. I am now an official webmistress :) (as soon as I get that phone call anyway)


Very excited and looking forward to creating my own little place on the web! I looked at a lot of hosts and even though a lot of it was a bit over my head I settled on Total Choice because of these forums.


I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.. *cradles her phone..



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