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Add Messages?


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Recently I've been having messages appear on my desktop about every half hour?


See them here




I've not got any web pages open and if I leave my computer for a while I come back to loads of them.


All I have running is;


Abyss server

Yahoo msngr

Sound fusion CPL


It's a real pain and if anyone knows how to stop them please let me know.

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Something strange is going on here, I thought I posted it but when I went to where I posted It wasn't there so I figured prehaps you guys removed it cos it was in the wrong place?


but now it's back???


Anyway thanks I'll investigate.


I figured I'd check if windows firewall was on and discovered a message saying;


The Windows management instumentation [WMI]information might be corrupted. To correct this use system restore to restore windows to an earlier time [called a restore point.]


Fair enough if there was an earlier time but I had to reformat my computer yesterday and re install windows cos it went haywire and wouldn't boot. . .


Don't we love microsoft windows hock.gif


I'm going crazy there's alsorts of wierd junk going on :P


Thanks I'll get back to ya.



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OK I downloaded Adaware and it detected 6 possible threats all of which are now gone.

Two of them where assosiated with bitbeamer

Bitbeamer post


and the rest were browser hi jackers.


I'm still trying to find out about the WMI thing tho.



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This looks not like a spyware problem, but the Windows Messenger service. This service is used in local networks to allow the sysadmin (me) to pop a message up on a user's desktop to let them know of things. I also use to receive alerts from my servers when I have problems or when batch jobs are completed.


Last year, people started bombarding the world with these things via the internet. It is not hard to stop, though:


1) If you have a broadband connection, get a firewall/router device. They're $100 or less these days and worth it. Linksys is a good brand.


2) If not, you can disable the service.

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Or you could just pay the people sending the messages $30 for there software to protect your pc. LOL.


They don't actually claim the messages are harmful cos they're not, just annoying so their sales pitch is

"They could build up on your desktop and crash it and you'd lose your work"


oOoh scarry.


so popuppadlock gets the hock.gif




Thanks guys, service stopped messages gone.


Thumbs Up

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