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LeechFTP was a hugely popular FTP app used by thousands myself included, then one day this [see above].


So naturally I tried bitbeamer and was more than impressed, this in my view was the best FTP I had tried, it has excellent multi threading allow multiple uploads to a server in no time plus some superb download intergration and a very good interface.

you can even download multiple files using wildcards from websites


eg. http://yoursite/*.gif

Something i did with the USAF site and now have 2000 awsome high res aircraft pics to view.


As my trial neared it's end I decided to myself to pay the $30 or so needed to register this once free app.


However one principal I always standby is i always email support before purchasing an app to ensure there is a good support channel for afterward.


Anyway 6 or 7 emails later I still have no respone and am reluctant to purchase the app as since then the homepage has vanished Bitbeamer

and the only sign of any update work is an uninstallation fix? Fix


It seems a shame that such a promising app has possibled ceased production.

Does anyone know different and has anyone been using the full version and has any reviews?


if not can anyone recmomend a good FTP with multi threading and fast logging into servers.


i also use CuteFTP which I have registered and upgraded but I find it very slow logging into your servers and It can only upload one file ata a time.


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