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Php Paths Incorrect, Or Am I Just Losing It?

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I am attempting to use DataGrids in php. I see the files in my php/Structures folder, and I can eventually get to the file by:


>require ("/home/myname/php/Structures/DataGrid.php");

But then the DataGrid.php code throws an error becauser it can't open a necessary file from its position. I think this is due to the path settings.


Can someone show me what I am doing wrong? I just think it is odd that the path doesn't work (or I am missing something). Also, I noticed that the items I installed did not show up in cPanel under "Installed PHP Extension(s) and Application(s)".


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks! I have done a lot of work on my site.When I started, I made the site in loose OO style. I am currently working on making it closer to the real thing. Within this year, I want to redesign the site to be very close to perfectly OO. The biggest dread is making a class for a major piece on my website. But I know once I do that, I will be in great shape to make a few more sites.

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