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A Stupid Question...


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Hey Everyone! As some of you may know, I am very conservative and a strong Republican. Thumbs Up I've been wanting to express my views in a column/ blog. I did a Google search and I got an eternal list of blog companies. :P What are some blog servers I should look into. I'd like it to be free and preferbly a place where my Republican opinions will be read. Any ideas out there? B)


Thanks guys!


And as it always has Rock Sign

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On Cerealkeeler's recommendation, I just installed Moveable Type on a personal site for my sister, and I like it a lot so far. It took some tinkering to make it work in a subfolder.


In the admin area, under "Webblog config" there's an option that says:


Enter the URL of your public website.


But instead of www.mysite.com/ I was supposed to put in www.mysite.com/subdir/ since that's the location of the blog.


Not exactly intuitive, but otherwise, an awesome script.


This modifications are not neccessary if your blog is going in your main directory.

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