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Dell Laptop


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Hey gang,


Here's the situation.


A friend brought me his dell latitude laptop. said he got in the wrong place. he did. he repartitioned it.


so when I tried to re-install his xp disk it goes throught all the right motions until it actually starts to do the installation

and then quits with a blue screen saying to check in newly added hardware, windows cannot install.


He DID tell me that as soon as he unplugs the chord he gets battery low message; or he used to . heh heh


Anyway, do you think that the onboard battery could be the problem or is it likely a bad motherboard?



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So, are we thinking motherboard, Andy?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry I have been "holidayed" ! ( Is that a word? ) heh.


Just got the go from laptop owner to dismantle the little beast.


I will get back here and let you know what I find.


Actually nothing had been added, according to the owner. He said it just acted funny ( that's helpful ) and so he

found his way in to the fdisk program and that's where we are now.


I reset the partitions and formatted again.


Will decapitate the beast and get back to you.



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