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Php Magic Quotes


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Hi here i am again,


I have got the database working. There is only one small problem.


I have to put the magic_quotes_gpc 'on'.


I found a lot on google, the main thing is i can make an .htacces file.


Where can i put this file? If i put it with filezilla on my website between the joomla files it does not work. And reading all documents carefully it seems i have to change it in the server?


How can i change this?

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I am not sure if you are hosted on a TCH server but you do not appear to be according to a whois search, so depending on how your host have it all set up I guess it will be a bit hard to answer but someone else might have an answer to this.


You should purchase an account here then we could answer it more easier. :xmas:

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