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Shopping Cart Needed.

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I recently installed a new shopping cart which on the surface seemed great as it was really customisable, free and had all the features I needed.

So whats the catch?


The catch is that it is really poorley coded.


W3 found too many errors to list so it just gives a "Theres more where that came from" annotation at the bottom of its results.


It's also way too graphic heavy, if I wanted a picture gallery I'd have installed one?


Check out my test install here eeek-store


Has anyone got any recomendations for a cart that meets these requirements;


Simple customisable layout

Valid HTML

Easy to edit content online [won't just be me using it].

Designed for regular updates to products.


It's for the online part of my business so quality is very important, if a paid shopping cart is the way to go then so be it.[within reason]

The rest of my site is designed to be very simple and easy to use and I want to continue this theme into the online store.


Appreciate any feedback.


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you can try oscommerce, but it looks a lot like the one you have tried, if you ask nicely you might could get them to out it on your server and it would be an auto install in the cgi scripts. I can re install it real quick on mine if you wanna see what it looks like.

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Ah yes, I like your store.

At least it's not all graphics.


Ooo and knives I like Knives, I have a big collection hanging on my wall in front of me from all around the world. :P


I searched google for a while last night but couldn't find any scripts that say they are written to W3 standards?

W3 has a software section but there is nothing like a shopping cart or anything on there.


I'm suprised there isn't a site dedicated to scripts written to w3 standards?


The majority of ones I can find return 100's of errors when validated.


I think that too much emphasis is put on fancy skins and having tons of features.


I can't ever recall using any of these fancy add ons while I'm shopping online.


Look > Add to basket > register > Pay > :P


that's about as much as I ever do.


I will try messing about with some open source carts to see If I can't get one to produce valid output?


Thanks all


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Rob, I wonder if you can give me a couple of pointers for the installation of OS Commerce? I have uploaded and unzipped it all but from here I am not quite sure what to do. I know that I have to create the datebase and all that but am not sure how it works (with out sounding stupid!) Obviously I have configured it all at home but I need to start again for my server settings to be correct and then do swappsies etc! I had installed MYSQL at home, followed by Apache, then PHP and finally OS commerce. Do you get my drift? :-)


Appreciate your help if you have any pointers.




PS - Your site looks cool! I think OS commerce is a great online shopping cart!

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I must admit, OS commerce would seem the best choice unless you know how to code your own. Its not that much coding in theory, just a online database and a ssl cert but there is a lot of magic in between thoose bits. Most of the ones you see online today in the big name places are hand built from scratch to suit the customers needs



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You must be in the extreme minority (if not all by yourself!) if you are trying to get shopping cart software that conforms to W3C standards. But, all great ideas have to start somewhere! Go for it! :ph34r:


I surmise that most shopkeepers/merchants on the web don't give a hoot about W3C standards and won't until someone shows 'em that it is worthwhile (i.e. more profitable, efficient, etc.). :)


But, I applaud your committment.


Good luck. Thumbs Up



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