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Problems with Joomla


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Hi everyone. I did not want to create a new topic, so i revive this one.

I am having problems with Joomla. It runs 1.013 version with Lithuanian language pack. As I know nothing about CMS< this site was made by one programmer from India.

The first problem is: from time to time I cannot add new sub-categories. yesterday I managed to add some 20 and then - nothing happens. I use Mosets Tree to add a Category, enter its name, try to press "Save"...nothing happens. IE tells "error on page", mostly "Access is denied". I thought it was IE fault, so I reset privacy settings off, disabled firewall, put my site and TCH into trusted zone.

Nothing helped. Later, I was able to add more ~20 sub-categories. Once again, silence. I am allowed to enter a Listing (with traditional IE "error on page"), but not Category. The same thing happens from my work wgere I use pre-hsitoric Win98. At home I use WinXP and IE6. I have deleted my dublicated user, but it was of no help.

I contacted live chat, they told me to provide login info about this site (which I did) and to open a ticket. It was later that I was able to add these (so far - last) 20 subcategories. They added sub-category "test" and wrote me everything was ok. Initially I though it *was*...but now it isn't.

I don't know what to do. TCH servers cannot be so bugy - tested my server ("ithor"), it has ~99.5% uptime. May it be MySQL or some error in scripts or something else - I don't know. Does anyone has any ideas? I may provide link, but in PM only.

The second problem: a minor one. Currently, my site is used as collectables catalogue. As such, it has lots of items identical by name, but different in other ways. I want names to be mostly identical (for example, Envelope, Post Card), but I can't do this - Joomla orders my Listings after name and I am forced to employ ugly names like Envelope1, Post Card'97_2, because it is the only way so far to hold logic line.

I tried to experiment with sorting but onykl made things worse :rolleyes1:

Now, the question is: is it possible to add *any* hidden field, invisibkle to user, visible only for me where I could enter value in numbers and the system would sort according to this hidden field?

Any help would be higly appreciated

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Sorry, I'm not that familiar with Joomla but if the techs cannot find anything wrong not sure what to have you try. Have you tried rebuilding the database?

No, didn't try. Does it require any special knowledge or it is another "yes-yes-yes-finish"?

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It's a simple one click from within cpanel. Go to the database section and simply click repair.

Tried this. Nothing, still nothing.

Got answer from TCH support. They told me server is OK (it was highly unlike that Ithor's 0.5% may caus any serious problems). They told me to contact "the script vendor". Wrote an email to him hoping for an answer :(

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I have checked lots of forums - webhostingtalk, joomla, techsupportguy, webmastersworld and 2 from Lithuania. Nothing.

However, the problem is solved. I was contacted by Dick DeVance (Assistant General Manager). He had found the solution and I quote it:

According to this post http://forum.joomla.org/index.php?topic=56007.msg299522 and several others on the joomla site, this issue can be caused by the URL you use to access the site.


Try accessing your site at http://***.com/joomla/administrator/ (minus www) as this is what you have set in your configuration. Please let us know if the corrects the problem.

This really helped - although my IE still shout "error on page", I am able to add categories.

Overall, once again: :( :tchrocks: :tchrocks:

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