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Question About E-mail

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I am hosting a genealogy related site here.

Once every three months we send out a newsletter.

It's a pdf file and is usually between 500KB and 1500KB in size.

Right now our editor is sending this using her personal e-mail via AOHell. (Can't get her to change, believe me, I've tried) :rolleyes:

I don't want her getting listed as a spammer and want to give her an e-mail address through our site.


My question is this:

Could she send a single e-mail with an attachment in the above size range, to roughly 250 recipients, through my site (and TCH Servers obviously) without having my domain being blacklisted as a spammer? (Or causing problems for TCH also)

I don't know how this all works and what the thresholds are that trip that kind of thing.


Any guidance or information would be appreciated.

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You can but not all at once. You need to open a ticket with the help desk to get the limits on sending mass emails. We do not discuss the limits in the forums for obvious reasons. There is a link to the help desk at the top of this page or in my signature.

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Thanks Bruce.

Sorry about posting this in the wrong forum initially.

I wasn't sure where the heck it should go! :rolleyes:

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