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I came accross this neat little app about a year ago, when I found it, it was totally free and required no registration etc.

having returned to the site today I find it is now $29.99 but as the origional was free to distribute here it is.

Original FREE version


It's a great way of viewing and cleaning up your registry plus removing unwanted start up items from your PC.


For a list of what is and isn't safe to remove from your start up, this is probably one of the most well researched resources of it kind on the net



It tells you what every entry in your startup is doing and wether it is necessary.


You can now safely remove items that are safe to from your registry and your PC will load quicker.


I have over 200 different applications installed on my PC and this is my startup list:






I've been removing items as they appear for over a year now and never had a single problem.



Please read the warnings and readme files before carrying out any operation of this sort.

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